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Advantages of Adopting through AGC

In almost every way, adopting a baby is the same as having a baby biologically. You will love your baby every bit as much, you will raise your baby in exactly the same ways, and you will provide your baby with the same wonderful life that you would a biological child.

The biggest difference is the process of bringing your baby home.

For this reason, it’s important that adoptive parents select the best adoption professional to meet their adoption goals.

Adoption By Gentle Care is a non-profit, fully licensed private adoption agency. Since 1985, we have helped create over 2,100 families by providing the following advantages:

High Adoption Success Rates -On average 9 out of 10 of our matches leads to a successful adoption. This high success rate is attributed to our birth mother outreach program, in that we personally meet with each prospective birth mother to assess her commitment level and work closely with her throughout the adoption process.

Accurate Adoption Wait Times – Our average wait time is 24 months but this may vary based on your flexibility when creating your adoption plan.

Living Expenses Guarantee – In Ohio, birth mothers may receive up to $3,000 for pregnancy-related expenses, also called living expenses. Once the adoption is completed, if there are any unused living expenses, they are refunded. Also, in the event of a failed match, AGC covers any living expenses that were provided to the birth mother.

Adoption Advertising – AGC is as active as any Ohio adoption agency in reaching out to prospective birth mothers. Our adoption social workers personally visit Ohio hospitals, crisis pregnancy centers and university clinics, and we have a strong online presence by advertising though the major search engines.

Personal Contact and Support – If you choose AGC to complete your adoption, you will have access to your adoption social worker 24/7. She will contact you as often as you are comfortable to give you an update on how often your profile is shown to prospective birth mothers, and to answer any of your adoption questions.

State of the Art Adoption Management Software –  This provides adoptive families with access to a secure online account to process paperwork. This provides 24/7 access to view the status of your adoption and easy-to-use steps to complete documents. Your personal data automatically merges with required documents to ensure accuracy and simplifies the paperwork process. Documents submitted for approval sends an automated alert to us that paperwork is on the way and an automated alert is sent to families when documents are approved by your social worker.

Finally, with AGC:

  • you can design an adoption plan that specifically meets your family’s wishes, including the race of the child, the medical backgrounds of the birth parents, pre- and post-placement contact with the birth parents, and more.
  • you may meet the birth parents if you wish and you will have access to detailed birth and delivery information, as well as social and medical histories of the birth parents.
  • you may receive a federal tax credit up to $13,170 the year your adoption is finalized.
  • you do not need to pay your fees all at once. The fee structure is spread over the entire adoption process.

AGC provides many more advantages of adoption that you will learn in our free adoption information packet.

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