Frequently Asked Questions

How many adoption does Gentle Care do a year?

Adoption by Gentle Care has a very comprehensive program and an excellent reputation for providing successful adoptions. Since 1985, we have facilitated, on average, 70 adoptions per year. Many families return to Gentle Care for their second or even third adoption. We value the trust that adoptive families and birth mothers place in us.

What are the different programs available

  • Caucasian Infant – Through this program you may also choose a full Asian, Hispanic, or Native American child.
  • African American Infant – This program includes a child born to two African American parents.
  • Bi-Racial Infant – This program includes a child born to one Caucasian, Asian, Native American or Hispanic parent and one African American parent.
  • Identified – This is a situation where a source other than Gentle Care identifies a Birthmother who wishes to place with a particular adopting couple who may or may not by currently adopting through Gentle Care. Gentle Care can facilitate the identified adoptive placement provided the couple has or completes an approved home study.

What types of adoptions do you do?

The majority of our adoptions are semi-open, but we tailor all of our adoptions to the specific needs of all parties involved.

What is the cost to adopt a baby?

Most adoptions average between $28,000 and $30,000 (not including birth parent living expenses). Adoptions with medical bills, legal fees, or other situations may increase the cost. A detailed Fee Sheet can be found in our Application Packet.

What is the average wait time to adopt a child?

The average wait time for adoptive parents that are approved is around 12 to 18 months. That time can and does change according to the variables associated with your specific plan. Such as, degree of openness both social medically, and post placement communication wise.

Does Gentle Care ever complete closed adoption?

Yes, if we are working with a birth mother who desires a closed adoption, we will honor her request; the adoption will be completed without any identifying information exchanged between the families. We request the adoptive parents to send in scheduled pictures and letters in case the birth mother ever decides to receive them.

Will I need an adoption attorney?

No. We manage all the legal proceedings and make arrangements for the relinquishment of the child.

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