Pre-Arranged / Identified Program

Adoption by Gentle Care has an experienced team of professionals ready to assist you with your Pre-Arranged or Identified adoption. A Pre-Arranged or Identified adoption is one in which the Adoptive Family and the Expectant Mother select each other and then ask Adoption by Gentle Care to facilitate the adoption process. Both the Adoptive Family and the Expectant Mother reap the benefits of Adoption by Gentle Care’s extensive experience with the entire adoption process. We streamline the process to make it cost effective, efficient, and satisfying so you take comfort knowing your adoption is ethically and legally sound. We are concerned with the best interest of all parties and provide the most proficient and most professional services available to ensure a successful adoption.

As always, a birth mother does not pay any fees at all. All of the fees are paid for by the adoptive family. There are two fee structures, one for adoptive parent(s) that live in Ohio, and one for adoptive parent(s) that live in any state other than Ohio.


Fees needed before starting the process include the following: Administrative Processing, Homestudy or Homestudy Review fees
Administrative Processing $300 $800
Homestudy – All families must have or obtain an approved homestudy from their home state. We provide homestudies for Ohio residents only. $1,500 N/A
Homestudy Review – For families with an approved homestudy $200 $200
Fees due at time of placement include the following: Placement, Baby Medicaid Application, ICPC, Post-Placment Visit, Out-of-State Finalization, Medical Records, Medical Deposit and Living Expense Deposit
Placement Fee $4,250 $4,250
Baby Medicaid Application $500 $500
ICPC – This is the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children and required when a family adopts across state lines. N/A $600
Post-Placement Visit $1,000 Facilitated by HS Agency
Out-of-State Finalization N/A $200
Medical Records $50 $50
Medical Deposit – Fee based on expectant mother’s current situation Varies Varies
Living Expense Deposit $3,000 $3,000
TOTAL $10,600 $9,600

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