Adoption Pictures & Letters

Sending Pictures & Letters to Birth Parents

  • A minimum of 10 quality pictures is requested. Include pictures that reflect memorable experiences in the child’s life, holidays, and happy day-to-day pictures.
  • Include a letter to the birth parent(s). These letters should come from the heart and include such things as personality, growth and development, likes and dislikes, and please include how grateful you are to the birth parents and how much you love your child.
  • All birth parents are aware of our post placement picture and letter policy.
  • Adoptive parents agree to and sign the picture and letter commitment agreement prior to placement. While this agreement is not legally binding, it is a signed agreement and we expect it to be upheld.

Receiving packages is invaluable to the birth parents healing process. The birth parents make an incredibly emotional and difficult decision and do so out of love. They do not wish to disrupt the placement, they only want to know that the child is doing well and is loved.

  • The initial set of pictures and a letter is due within one week of placement
  • For the first year, monthly pictures and a letter should be sent on or before the anniversary date of your placement.
  • After one year, pictures and letters should be sent two times per year or once every six months.
  • The picture and letter policy may be altered if agreed to by all parties.
  • All pictures and letters from birth parents are screened, photocopied, and kept in the birth mothers file. No identifying information is released.
  • Pictures, letters, gifts, and packages from adoptive parents may or may not be screened and no photocopies are kept on file.
  • Birth parents may choose not to receive the pictures and letters. In these cases, Adoption by Gentle Care will hold the pictures and letters until the birth parents chooses to receive them.
  • We encourage our birth parents to write to the adoptive families; however, this is very difficult for some. Adoptive families may wish to request a letter from the birth parents in your regular communication.

Mail Pictures, Letters, and Packages, to:
Attn. Post Placement Coordinator
Adoption by Gentle Care
370 S. Fifth St. Suite 2
Columbus, OH 43215

Be sure to include a separate note with your name, placement date, and forwarding packaging/envelopes along with postage or money to forward your package.

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