The Adoption Process with AGC

How to Adopt a Baby in Ohio

Are you wondering how to adopt a baby in Ohio? If so, the following will describe the process of adopting a child with AGC:

Step 1: Be Ready to Adopt

Hopeful parents who are struggling with infertility and turning toward adoption should be excited to close one chapter of their lives and begin a new one. If you are ready to begin a new chapter in your own life, you must first be emotionally ready to adopt by:

  • putting your infertility in the past
  • sharing the same adoption plan and goals as your spouse
  • being excited to adopt a baby

If you are having trouble moving on from infertility and toward adoption, you may want to speak to an infertility/adoption counselor or an adoption professional to help you feel more emotionally prepared to adopt a baby.

Step 2: Choose an Ohio Adoption Professional

Once you feel ready to adopt a baby, it’s important to then determine which adoption professional will best help you expand your family. Do some research on several agencies to learn their average adoption wait times, their ratio of successful matches to failed matches, and their adoption costs.

Read the following to learn about the advantages of adopting with AGC.

Read the following to learn more about the requirements of adopting with AGC.

Step 3: Complete the Application Process with AGC

To learn more about and begin the adoption process with AGC, please read and complete the application found in our general adoption information packet.


  1. General Adoption Information
  2. Home Study
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Application for Child Placement
  5. ODJFS Discrimination Complaint Form
  6. Recruitment Plan
  7. Ohio Adoption Guide: Handbook for Prospective Adoptive Families

To receive this packet in the mail, you may contact us at 800.824.9633

Step 4: Attend Adoption Seminar & Complete Online Training

All adoptive families are required by the State of Ohio to complete a formal training session, and AGC requires additional adoption training before becoming an “active” family.

AGC hosts a seminar 3 to 4 times per year, which include:

  • Training and Education Seminar: Describes the steps of the adoption process and how AGC will work with you and the birth parents throughout the adoption. This is an opportunity to meet the AGC staff as well as other adoptive families who will be sharing a similar experience.

The Online Training classes must be completed before you come to the Training and Education seminar.

Once you have confirmed your attendance, and completed the online training classes, we will send you the required paperwork to take the next steps in the adoption process.

Step 5: Complete an Adoption Home Study

The home study is a cooperative effort between AGC and the applicant to assess their ability to successfully parent an adopted child. You will be assigned a certified-home study social worker, who will visit your home and collect the accompanying required paperwork: medical statements, financial statements, personal references, and criminal and child abuse clearances.

She will also check your home for any safety concerns and will provide recommendations on how to address them. Finally, she will conduct interviews with you and your spouse individually and collectively to judge your readiness to become adoptive parents.

Step 6: Complete Your APQ

Your Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ) is a document that describes your adoption plan and the types of adoptions situations you are comfortable with.

Your adoption social worker will work with you to determine the types of races you are open to adopting, the medical conditions in the birth parents of which you are accepting, and much more. Remember, your APQ is directly tied to your wait time in receiving a match – the more flexible your APQ, the more birth mothers you are able to be shown to.

Step 7: Complete Your Print and Video Profiles

Before becoming an active family, you will complete two profiles to showcase yourselves to prospective birth mothers:

  • Print Profile – Through text and pictures, the print profile describes your family dynamics, hobbies you enjoy, and your excitement to become parents.
  • Video Profile – Through interviews and footage of your family, the video profile gives prospective birth parents a better idea of what life would be like as a member of your family.

Step 8: Receiving a Match and Connecting with Birth Parents

AGC is a pro-open adoption agency. We believe contact between birth parents and adoptive parents can only add to the success of an adoption.

Nearly all of our prospective birth mothers are interested in meeting the adoptive parents with whom they match. These meetings usually occur soon after the match, at a restaurant during lunch, and are mediated by an AGC social worker.

Other forms of contact may continue throughout the match, including emails, phone calls or more visits. Adoptive parents who are accepting of increased contact will be shown to more birth mothers who are interested in this contact.

Step 9: Receive Placement

Adoptive parents will know the birth mother’s due date and location of placement, and they will need to be ready to travel when the time comes.

Placement of the baby cannot occur until 72 hours after birth. At this time, the adoptive parents will sign documents acknowledging their responsibility to care for the child and receipt of the background information of the birth mother and the child.

Step 10: Finalize the Adoption

To finalize your adoption, monthly post-placement supervisory visits will be made by an AGC social worker from the time of placement until finalization for a minimum of six months.

AGC will refer the adoptive parents to an attorney experienced in obtaining final adoption decrees through Franklin County Probate Court for finalization. They will be notified of the court date for finalization of the adoption, at which time they and the child will appear in court and the adoption will be finalized.

Finally, adoptive parents are asked to provide pictures and letters of the child to the birth mother once per month for the first year, and twice per year until he or she is 18 years old.

With the adoption finalized and post-placement contact ongoing, the adoption process is complete.

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