Who Can Adopt in Ohio?

Requirements to Adopt a Baby with AGC

In Ohio nearly everyone is able to legally adopt a baby. However, there are a few state laws and basic agency requirements to be aware of before proceeding with an adoption plan with AGC:

Basic Requirements

  • Ohio’s minimum age requirement is 21 years old.
  • AGC recommends that married couples be married for at least two years before adopting a child.
  • AGC does not work with adoptive parents who smoke.
  • AGC asks that at least one parent takes a six-week leave of absence from work to care for the baby.

Training and Education – Ohio requires all prospective adoptive families to complete a formal training session before becoming active with an adoption agency. AGC hosts a Training and Education Seminars, along with online training, which satisfies this requirement and provides you with:

  • a detailed look at the adoption process.
  • instructions on developing an effective paper profile and video profile.
  • a Q&A with a birth mother who has placed with AGC.
  • a Q&A with the AGC staff.
  • a better understanding of adopting in Ohio with AGC.

Home Study – A home study is an assessment of the home environment to ensure an adopted child will be provided a stable, secure and loving home. Every domestic adoption in the United States needs a home study before becoming active with an agency and consists of the following:

  • State and federal criminal background and child abuse checks
  • Health statements
  • Financial documents
  • Personal references
  • Autobiographical statements
  • In-home visit
  • Personal and couples interviews

Minimum Post-Placement Contact – AGC is a pro-open adoption agency, and we ask our families to agree to our minimum post-placement contact agreement. This agreement includes monthly pictures and letters sent to the birth mother once per month for the first year, and at least twice per year until he or she is 18 years old.

We also recommend that families are open to meeting the birth parents once they are matched. This meeting is mediated by one of our social workers and is a great way for you and the birth parents to get to know one another better.

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