Pregnant women who are considering adoption face many questions. From choosing Adoptive Parents to deciding about open or closed adoption, you may feel overwhelmed. In addition, you face many expenses during your pregnancy and the pending adoption, including living expenses during a time when finding work is more challenging. If you’re facing these challenges, you may wonder if you can get paid for the adoption process.

This is a complex question to answer. While you cannot get paid for the act of placing your baby for adoption, you can receive financial help for your pregnancy and the other living expenses you face during this time. Here is a closer look at the financial help that is available to you during the adoption process.

Adoptive Families Often Pay for Medical Expenses

Having a baby can create significant medical bills. These bills are a burden on many Expectant Mothers, especially if they lack a stable job or good health insurance. Often, Adoptive Families will shoulder the burden of medical bills not covered by the expectant mother’s health insurance, helping to alleviate this financial burden. This is not payment for placing the baby up for adoption, but it is financial help available to Expectant Mothers.

Birth Mothers Can Receive Pay for Other Reasonable Expenses

Many mothers who face the difficult decision to place their babies up for adoption face intense social and financial pressure. Often it is hard to find a job when you are pregnant, and you may want the option to focus on your pregnancy and your baby’s health during this time. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get help paying for some of the living expenses you face. In 38 states in the United States, Adoptive Parents and licensed adoption agencies are allowed to pay reasonable expenses for Expectant Mothers who are considering adoption.

Reasonable expenses are used to help Birth Mothers through a difficult time, giving them money for living expenses, maternity clothing, nutritious food, and other expenses that are not part of the medical bills. Because many women who are considering adoption do not have stable housing or work, this can help alleviate a significant financial burden, ensure better physical care for the mother, and improve the overall physical and emotional health for the mother.

You may also ask for financial assistance to give you access to mental and emotional care during your pregnancy and as you approach delivery. Working with a counselor can help you work through the intense emotions connected to adoption, so you feel supported through the process. This can help preserve your emotional health in the days ahead.

Important Considerations Before Taking Financial Assistance

You need to understand that any financial assistance you receive during your pregnancy is a temporary solution. Once the adoption is complete, you will need to shoulder your expenses on your own. You should consider expenses that are reasonable for you to handle after your adoption is complete. Working with an adoption agency and adoption specialist can help you determine what a reasonable amount of financial assistance may be.

At Adoption by Gentle Care, we provide every Expectant Parent with an adoption specialist who can help you understand your options, including the option for financial assistance. We will meet with you and ensure you understand your options fully, so you can make informed decisions about your adoption and your care during your pregnancy.