Whether you just found out you are pregnant or have already given birth, there is never a “wrong time” to choose adoption for the child. There are many waiting and ready Adoptive Families, couples, and single adults who have hopes of raising a child that they have adopted.

While there are many approved families looking to raise the child you brought into this world, how do you know who to choose?

You may not know what qualities, backgrounds, or habits you would want the Adoptive Family to have to raise the child, and that is fine! We have compiled this list of tips to help you in selecting the perfect family to raise your child.

Perfect Qualities of an Adoptive Family

There could be a hundred qualities that you would want the Adoptive Family to have when you are considering them for adopting your child. Ultimately it comes down to how you feel around the family, if you can see them raising the child as their own, providing the child with so many wonderful opportunities, and if they have successfully been vetted, interviewed, and passed background checks.

1. The Adoptive Family Passes Background Checks

First and foremost, Adoptive Families  should be required to pass background checks for criminal history, rental or homeowners’ history, employment history, and/or credit history. When working with an adoption agency, the agency will require Adoptive Families  to pass these checks.

At Adoption by Gentle Care, we require this of our families wanting to adopt. It is important that Expectant Parents considering adoption should know that their child will be placed with a family that is stable, has no criminal history, maintains a steady income and provides a welcoming home for the child. Passing a background check is the first step to ensuring that the Adoptive Family will be able to provide for the child you brought into our world

2. Good Chemistry Between You and the Adoptive Family

We believe that it is important and even encouraged, that Expectant Parents meet with the potential Adoptive Family when you are considering adoption. Along with vetting adoptive parents with background checks as part of our adoption process, we want to make a lasting connection between Expectant Mothers and Adoptive Families, even if no open adoption is established. It is perfectly acceptable if you are not comfortable initially meeting the Adoptive Family. You will still have the option in the future, if you choose. In the meantime, you can view an online adoption profile that shares information about the family you are considering.

3. The Adoptive Family is Religious or has Great Moral Judgment

Adoption by Gentle Care is an Ohio-based non-denominational, nonprofit adoption agency that provides quality adoption services to Birth Parents and Adoptive Families. We’ve assisted many Expecting Parents finding an Adoptive Family who practices their own respective religious traditions. Even Shyanna, who wanted her child to be raised by a Christian family.

Read more about Shyanna’s experience with Adoption by Gentle Care.

Even if you don’t identify with a particular religious group, it is important that you find the family to have the right moral judgment. This will translate to how the child will be raised in their household. We want all children to be raised by parents who teach their child what is right and what is wrong, to learn responsibility and compassion, and to become a good upstanding citizen.

4. Financial Stability

Not every family can afford to raise a child, and that can serve as one reason for choosing adoption for the child. Adoptive Families  realize that there are several costs incurred when navigating through the adoption process. These couples have saved a lot of money for their dream of raising a child.

Families waiting to adopt are instructed about the costs of adoption. Adoptive Families  are thoroughly vetted on their employment and credit history so that the adoption agency knows they can provide for the financial well-being of their family. In Ohio, Birth mothers may receive up to $3,000 for pregnancy-related expenses, also called living expenses. The Adoptive Family will pay for these expenses through the adoption agency or their attorney after signing a contract.

In addition to the expected costs of adoption, there are other costs that Adoptive Families  have considered. As costs to raise a family have never been higher, it’s important for these Adoptive Families  to understand the financial impact raising a child can have. That’s why Adoption by Gentle Care stresses the importance of Adoptive Families  to be financially stable. And after these families understand this, they are better equipped to pursue their dreams of raising a child.

5. A Welcoming, Caring Household

Perhaps most important to Expectant Mothers when getting to know the Adoptive Family is if they believe the child can be raised in their welcoming and caring home. A few questions that the Expectant Parents could ask themselves could include:

  • Do I feel genuinely welcomed here?
  • Does the family have other children they are raising? If so, how do their kids treat others, especially people they have not met before?
  • Is their house a welcoming environment?
  • Does their house feel like a home?

There could be many other questions you could ask yourself as an Expectant Mother considering adoption, but these are a few to help you understand more about the possible Adoptive Family.

A List of Additional Qualities of an Adoptive Family that May Matter to You

There are many qualities that may matter to you when considering this family to adopt the child. Other than the qualities addressed before, here are a few additional qualities to consider of the Adoptive Family.

  • Location of the Adoptive Family for open adoptions
  • The Adoptive Family is goal-oriented
  • Level of education of the Adoptive Family
  • The Adoptive Family has adopted children before
  • The family travels often
  • The Adoptive Family is active
  • The Adoptive Family volunteers, donates or gives back to the community