Making the decision to place your baby for adoption is brave and we want you to know that you are not giving up your baby, but rather giving them the future you want them to have. After you have decided on adoption for your baby the next step is to browse waiting Adoptive Family profiles. The process might seem a bit daunting because of all the options, but here are some considerations that will help you choose the perfect Adoptive Family for your baby.

Start with an Adoption Agency

The first step in the process is to choose a reputable adoption agency. Adoption agencies will background check potential Adoptive Parents, even visiting their homes for home studies to ensure the baby will have a safe environment to grow and thrive in. This will take some of the pressure off of you as you start narrowing down your options.

Make a List

Next, consider what it is you want in an Adoptive Family. Are you looking for a particular parental age? Do you want the family to have siblings for your baby? Are you more concerned with financial security? These qualities are unique to you and your goals, but you need to think them through. Write down a list of characteristics that you want to find in Adoptive Parents. Remember, you are asking, “Who should I consider for adoption for my baby?” not anyone else’s baby, so be as specific as you like.

While you may not find a family with all of the characteristics on your list, the more details you put on your list, the better you will be able to narrow down your options and make a selection. Once you have your list, choose the top three qualities that you absolutely must find.

Consider The Level of Openness You Want

Open adoption allows the Birth Mother to be involved in the baby’s life. This is a healthy way to approach adoption, but it is not always easy to define. As you consider your choices, make sure you are clear about what level of openness you wish to have as the child grows.

Start Browsing Adoptive Family Profiles

Once you have a list in mind, start browsing through Adoptive Family profiles. This particular part of the process may seem overwhelming, but it is important. There are a lot of families available for you to select and an adoption specialist can help guide you along the way. You will find that most of the profiles look exceptional, because an adoption agency is not going to allow Adoptive Families into the pipeline who are not going to provide loving homes. Eventually you will be drawn to a few of your favorites. It is helpful to narrow down your selection to your top three couples and put them in order of preference. 

Get to know the Adoptive Families you selected

Further along in the process, once you have selected a family for your baby, there will be an opportunity to meet with the family in person if desired. The meeting will take place when you are ready and the Adoptive Family will travel to meet you.  

Your Adoption Plan

Once you have your plan in place you can make changes at any point. All we ask is that you continue to keep your Adoption Specialist updated. You can not formalize your adoption until a minimum of 72 hours after the birth of the baby. If you need more time to make sure this is the right decision for you, your social worker can assist you. We want to assure that you are as comfortable with your Adoption Plan as possible.

Choosing an Adoptive Family can feel like a scary and emotionally daunting task, but finding the right family is worth devoting time and effort to. With the right couple, your adoption story can be a beautiful one full of hope, healing, and new friendships.  You always have the option of allowing the agency to select a family for you, if that is something you want.

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