Perhaps one side of the adoption process that may not be expressed frequently enough is the story of the Expectant Mother who is considering adoption.
In many situations, the Expectant Mother has decided to choose adoption days, weeks or even months prior to the child being born. There are a variety of reasons for why the mother would choose adoption, but regardless of the situation the Expectant Mother is placed in, they still have the right to choose adoption for the child.

Can I Still Choose Adoption After Birth?

So what happens in situations after the Expectant Mother gives birth? Can the Expectant Mother still choose adoption for her child’s future, or will she have to parent the child? In short, yes, the Expectant Mother can still choose adoption for the child; however, there are a variety of intricate questions surrounding the options an Expectant Mother has when considering adoption after birth.

Expectant Mothers can have many questions about how the adoption process would work if she chooses adoption after the child is born. Expectant Mothers in Ohio could have questions about if they need an adoption agency to be involved, state laws regarding choosing adoption after the child is born, and what happens next, among other questions.

Can I Choose Adoption at the Hospital?

Laws about choosing adoption after a child is born varies from state to state. In Ohio, “a legal placement of the child cannot take place until 72 hours after the birth of the child,” according to the Ohio State Bar Association. This means that while you are able to work with your social worker to create your adoption plan, you are not able to make any permanent decisions until a minimum of 72 hours after the birth of a child.

How do I go about Choosing Adoption?

There are a couple of avenues that Expectant Mothers can take when they choose adoption for their child. The mother can contact an adoption agency, or they can have the hospital contact Social Services.

Ultimately, both options can help provide the child with life, but there are two ways that Expectant Mothers can take when considering adoption for the child after birth.

What Happens when Social Services is Involved After Childbirth?

When Social Services is involved, the child could be placed in foster care. Foster care is often just a temporary home for the child until they get placed with an adoptive family. Expectant Mothers considering Social Services should know that they may not be able to adopt the child later in life if the child enters foster care. However, interaction between the birth family and the foster care family is possible in Ohio and is even suggested by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services department.

What Happens when an Adoption Agency is Involved After Childbirth?

At any stage of pregnancy, labor and after the child is born, mothers always have the option to contact an adoption agency. Often times it is when an Expectant Mother is pregnant and considering adoption, but as stated before, women who just gave birth can still choose adoption for the child.

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Even women who are in labor can contact an adoption agency for assistance if they choose adoption for the child. One important benefit of working with an adoption agency when considering adoption for the child is that there are families who have waited patiently for their dream of adopting a child to come true. These families will have been thoroughly screened and interviewed numerous times by the adoption agency to make certain they are a trusted, caring and capable family to raise a child.

What Happened when one Expectant Mother Chose Adoption by Gentle Care?

As discussed earlier, Expectant Mothers can choose adoption for the child at any stage of their pregnancy. One Expectant Mother, Shyanna, reached out to Adoption by Gentle Care 2 weeks and 1 day from her due date. She was able to review adoptive family profiles, meet with that family prior to labor, and our social workers were with her every step of the way. It’s great stories like Shyanna’s that show that choosing adoption for a child can provide an amazing opportunity for the child, Expectant Mother and the adoptive family.

Always remember that it is never too late to choose adoption for a child, even during and after childbirth. While state laws may vary for after giving birth, adoption can serve as an opportunity for everyone involved.