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Frequently Asked Questions

All prospective parents must complete a thorough home study and series of background checks, both local and statewide and in some cases FBI checks. Further requirements include physical exams, income statements, references and completion of Infant CPR.

A series of autobiographies/profiles are given to you for the purpose of selecting the adoptive family. The profiles include information about the parent’s occupation, ages, physical descriptions, motivations to adopt, hobbies and interests. It also explains in what religion they plan to raise the child and what type of ongoing relationship they hope to have with the birth parents. You will also have the option of meeting the family or talking with them on the phone.

You can be assured that Gentle Care will honor your request for any specific religion. However, it is not a guarantee the adoptive family will not change their religion, or that the child may not choose another religion as an adult.

Legally, the baby can be placed with the adoptive family any time after the Permanent Surrender has been signed by the birth parents. The Surrender can be signed any time after 72 hours from birth. The child remains in the hospital during those 72 hours. If you need more time to make your decision, there is the option of placing the baby in short term, loving, infant foster care.

Absolutely! You can take pictures of the baby after birth and receive copies of the hospital photos if you like. After placement, the adoptive family will send pictures of the baby to you every month for at least the first year. We encourage the adoptive family to continue communication even after the first year and Gentle Care will facilitate the exchange of correspondence for as long as you request. If you choose not to accept the pictures and letters from the adoptive family, Gentle Care will hold them until you request them to be sent to you.

No, you would not be responsible for parenting the child. Once the Permanent Surrender is signed, the birth parents end all their responsibilities to the child. In the event something should happen to the adoptive parents, and if the agency is notified and we have your current address or phone number, we would notify you of the situation.

Gentle Care will cover all of your medical expenses that are pregnancy and baby related after the placement has occurred. Actually, these costs are deferred to the adoptive family. If you have access to health insurance or you are eligible for Medicaid, this would help the adoptive family tremendously!

Gentle Care will continue to provide support to you after placement for as long as you request. We will always have licensed Certified Adoption Assessors on staff to serve you. All information in your file with Gentle Care is confidential and is not released to anyone without your permission.

A fully open adoption is when birth parents and the adoptive family know identifying information and there is a mutual agreement to maintain contact throughout the child’s life so the child will continue to have a relationship with the birth parents. It is not, however, co-parenting. Once the birth parents have relinquished their rights to the child, they do not have any legal rights as to how the child will be raised. Any arrangements the adoptive family and the birth parents make to continue contact is based on a trusting relationship and is not legally binding.

Once you have made the decision to place your child and you have signed the Permanent Surrender forms giving legal custody to the agency, it is a final decision that cannot be changed. This is why it is extremely important to consider all of your options before making this decision. If you are uncertain about your decision you should consider signing a Temporary Agreement and placing the child in foster care to give yourself more time to consider your options.

No. As long as your child is under 6 months of age at the time of placement, you do not have to appear in court.

Adoption by Gentle Care is here to assist you in creating an adoption plan that is individual to you and in the best interest of your baby. Our caring and professional counselors have helped over 2100 women through their pregnancy and with the placement of their baby. Over the years, it has become apparent that birth mothers who are able to make an adoption plan for their babies are doing so for the most unselfish reasons. They are hoping to provide a better life for their child than they believe they are in a position to provide at that time. Gentle Care is here to assist you with your physical and emotional needs, to counsel you as to the process, and to support you no matter what your decision. There is no pressure or coercion. Our hope is to help. We are located in Ohio and can give you the personal attention that you need. Our counselors will travel to you to bring information and to give you an opportunity to meet your counselor and make sure you feel comfortable with Gentle Care and the process. That counselor will support you through each and every step of the way.

No. In the state of Ohio, grandparents do not have legal rights to your child even if you are under 18, and therefore do not have to give consent for you to place your child. However, Gentle Care does require you to have legal representation throughout the adoption procedures. Gentle Care will provide an attorney for you or we will cover the expense of the attorney of your choice.

If you are not legally married to the birth father and he has not expressed a desire to raise the child or registered with the Ohio Putative Father Registry, Ohio law does not require the consent of the birth father.

As much information as possible is needed. Remember his medical history is one half of your child’s medical history. If he is not involved or is unaware of the adoption, we will ask you to provide as much information as you can concerning the birth father, such as physical description and medical information.

If you choose to name the baby that name will appear on the original birth certificate. The adoptive family may or may not choose to keep that name. Many times they have names already picked out, or they may use the name you have given as the middle name.

We would be happy to provide you more information about your adoption option and Adoption by Gentle Care. Please complete this online form and we will contact you to discuss our services and how we may be able to help you.

No. However if you do place his name on the birth certificate, he may have to sign an affidavit at the hospital swearing he is the birth father in order for his name to appear on the birth certificate.

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