The Ohio Adoption Process

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Adoption Process for Ohio Birth Mothers

If you are considering adoption for your baby, you likely have questions about how the adoption process works for birth mothers in Ohio.

In general, placing a child for adoption with AGC will follow these steps:

1. Contact Adoption By Gentle Care – From the time you first call Adoption By Gentle Care, we will provide the caring and professional help you need to not only help you make an educated decision but to assist you throughout the adoption process. Contact our Ohio-based adoption agency at 800.824.9633 or click the following to request free adoption information.

2. Meet with an adoption social worker – The benefit of our agency only working with birth mothers from Ohio is that we are able to meet with each one of them in person. If and when you are ready to create an adoption plan, a social worker will drive to your location and help you complete various forms concerning your medical background and your preferences in an adoptive family. She will also answer any other questions about the adoption process you may have.

3. Begin prenatal care – If you haven’t begun receiving prenatal care already, your adoption social worker will help you find a local doctor to ensure the health of your baby. These prenatal records will be shared with the adoptive family you choose.

4. Select an adoptive couple from our waiting families profiles – Our waiting families have all been screened, have completed their home studies, and are excited to add to their families through adoption. Your social worker will provide you with profiles of families who best match your preferences based on contact, race, family size and more, ensuring you find the perfect parents for your baby.

5. Meet the adoptive parents – AGC encourages our prospective birth mothers and adoptive families to meet soon after a match occurs. This meeting usually happens at a restaurant with the adoption social worker present to serve as an intermediary. This meeting is a great time to get to know the adoptive mother and father better to ensure they are the family you were hoping they would be based on their profile.

6. Discuss the relationship moving forward – Like any relationship, the one between you and the adoptive couple is fluid and may change during the adoption process. You and the adoptive parents will discuss the type of contact you are seeking before and after placement, whether that includes pictures and letters, emails, phone calls or even visits.

7. Prepare for hospital stay – Before giving birth, you and your social worker will discuss your preferences at the hospital: how much time you want to spend with your baby, if you want the adoptive parents in the delivery room, and more. Once you give birth, you will stay in the hospital for 24-48 hours and your baby will remain in the nursery until you sign the adoption paperwork.

8. Make the adoption legal – In Ohio, you must wait 72 hours after the birth of your baby to sign the adoption paperwork. Your social worker will go over each document with you to make sure you understand everything you are signing. This completes the legal process for you, and you do not have to appear in court. Your social worker will then return to the hospital and officially place the baby with the adoptive parents. You are allowed to participate in this as well if you choose.

9. Receive post-placement contact – The adoptive parents will provide pictures and a letter to you once a month for the first 12 months after birth and two times per year from the ages 1-18. AGC will facilitate the exchange of pictures and letters as often and as long as you both desire. Other contact such as emails, phone calls or visits will have been discussed and agreed to prior to placement.

10. Continue Adoption Support – Just because the adoption process is over does not mean your emotions instantly return to normal. Your adoption social worker will be there for you throughout the adoption process and beyond, as well as help you find additional resources for birth mothers.

For more information about the adoption process for birth mothers, contact Adoption By Gentle Care at 1-888-690-5998 or click the following to request free adoption information.

Remember, contacting us is completely confidential and in no way obligates you to choose adoption.

A Birth Mom's Story

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, be sure to watch Audrey's video. She shares her adoption journey from the moment she found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant to how she is doing today more than a year after she placed her daughter for adoption through AGC.

If you have questions about adoption be sure to contact us today. You can speak directly with our staff located right here in Ohio.

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