Birth Parent Support Resources

For 24 hour support call or text: 614-469-0007

Support Options for Birth Parents

The following is to offer support to those who either made an adoption plan or who are considering adoption:

Adoption Network Cleveland

Adoption Network Cleveland holds a Birthmother’s Support Group on the second Wednesday evening of every month at their offices, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Adoption Network Cleveland
4614 Prospect Avenue
Suite 550
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Adoption Network Cleveland offers support, information and referrals to you as a birthparent, siblings or if you are considering an adoption plan for your child. Services include the following:

Columbus Parenthesis Family Advocates:

Columbus Parenthesis Family Advocates offer various support groups for birthmothers. For further details call (614) 751-9112.

Adoption Literature Resources:

  • Arms, Suzanne. To Love and Let Go. 1983. Stories of birth parent experiences and feelings about their pregnancy and placement of their child.
  • Dusky, Lorainge. Birthmark. 1979. M. Evans & Co., NY. Ms Dusky, a birthmother, tells of her experiences and adjustment over the years since making an adoption plan for her daughter.
  • Johnston, Patricia Irwin. Perspectives on a Grafted Tree: Thoughts for Those Touched by Adoption. Poems written by and for member of the adoption triangle.
  • Silber, Kathleen and Phyllis Speedlin. Dear Birthmother: Thank You For Our Baby. Using correspondence between birth parents and adoptive parents, this book debunks the myth that birth parents do not care about their children and do not think about them later.

For more books about adoption as the ones listed above, visit Tapestry Books at

A Birth Mom's Story

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, be sure to watch Audrey's video. She shares her adoption journey from the moment she found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant to how she is doing today more than a year after she placed her daughter for adoption through AGC.

If you have questions about adoption be sure to contact us today. You can speak directly with our staff located right here in Ohio.

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