We encourage you to call us whenever you are ready to do so! Contacting Adoption by Gentle Care in no way obligates you to choose adoption and all inquiries are confidential. We can help Expectant Mothers anytime during pregnancy. You can contact us within the first few weeks or some Expectant Mothers choose to wait until after the baby is born.

Do I need to live in Ohio?
Yes. Adoption by Gentle Care is licensed to work with Expectant/Birth Parents in the state of Ohio. From the Cleveland and Akron area in northern Ohio to the Cincinnati and Dayton regions in the southern part of the state, our Adoption Assessors will travel to your Ohio location to provide you with information and help you through the adoption process.

What’s the first step?
When you are ready to create an adoption plan, give us a call and a Certified Adoption Assessor will talk to you about your individual situation. Remember, just because you contact us, it does not mean you are under any obligation to choose adoption.

Do I get paid for making an adoption plan?
No, you do not get paid for making an adoption plan. In Ohio an Expectant/Birth Mother may receive up to $3000 for living expenses during the pregnancy and up to 60 days after the baby is born. After placement, the adoptive family will assist with medical expenses related to your pregnancy and the birth of the baby. If you have health insurance, this could greatly reduce the costs for the adoptive family.

Can I choose an adoptive family?
Yes, if you’d like to! You have the option of choosing the adoptive family or having Adoption by Gentle Care choose. All of our families undergo a rigorous home study process, background checks, and other various requirements to assure you that your baby is going to a safe and loving home. We have many waiting families for you to choose from. Our goal is to meet the goals of everyone involved, especially those of the child.

Does the biological father need to be involved?
While he is not required to participate in the adoption plan, we certainly welcome his involvement. In cases where an Expectant/Birth Mother is married, consent is required from the husband.

How quickly does the adoption take place?
Ohio law requires that all Birth Parents wait 72 hours after the birth of the baby before signing any permanent paperwork. Your Adoption Assessor will assist you through the paperwork process and there is no need to appear in court.

What happens after my baby has been placed with the adoptive family?
Although the adoption process is over, you Adoption Assessor is always available to offer support and/or additional resources as you need them. If you are interested in additional counseling services, your Assessor can link you with a professional in your area.

Can I have an open adoption? Will I ever see my baby again?
You will discuss with your Assessor the type of contact you desire before and after placement. This may include emails, text messages, phone calls, social media contact, or even visits. While an open adoption is not legally enforceable in the state Ohio we do ask all of our families to agree to a minimum post placement contact which guarantees you monthly photos and letters for the first 12 months and continued pictures and letters twice a year until the child turns 18 years old.

We know that you have many more questions and we want to answer them all. Call Adoption by Gentle Care at 1-800-824-9633 or fill out a request for information. You can also learn more about our agency from Audrey, one of our Birth Mothers.