Why did you decide to contact Adoption by Gentle Care?
They were the closest agency and they had the most amazing family. My mom helped find a family and both my parents and my boyfriend agreed they were the ones (to raise my child).

How far into your pregnancy were you when you reached out to the agency?
I was 2 weeks and 1 day from my due date.

Was the Birth Father involved in your decision?
Yes, he helped make the decision.

Was your family supportive of your adoption plan?
Yes, they were the ones who helped us through the process and still support me today.

What was it like when you met with your AGC Social Worker?
Kelly was amazing! She helped make everything go so smoothly for us during the hardest decision of our lives.

Did you look at Adoptive Family profiles?
Yes, we did. We reviewed the Adoptive Families multiple times because we wanted to make sure we choose the right people.

If so, what were you looking for in an Adoptive Family?
We were looking for an Adoptive Family who is adventurous, creative, and were Christians.

Did you meet the Adoptive Family? If so, what was that like?
Yes, my parents went with myself and my boyfriend, and Kelly ended up coming as well to help make our meeting go smoothly. When we met them, the Adoptive Family told us about themselves and my parents told them about us.

Did you access living expenses?
I had the ability to use it but I decided not to, because I wanted the adoptive parents to put that money towards either his first car or even college.

What was the 72 hours between delivery and signing your Surrender paperwork like?
The first 36 hours was amazing, but the last 36 hours was very rough for me because we were saying goodbye for who knows how long.

What type of (if any) on-going communication do you have with the Adoptive Family?
At least once or twice a year I receive pictures.

Looking back, would you do anything different in regard to your adoption plan?
I honestly wouldn’t do anything different, it went amazing.