Adoptive Family Testimonials

What Adoptive Families Say About AGC

Adoption By Gentle Care has helped complete hundreds of adoptions, each one with its own unique story.

Below you will find testimonials written by the families themselves that will help educate you on the adoption process, the emotions of adoption, and what to expect by adopting through Adoption By Gentle Care.

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“So thankful to have had Adoption By Gentle Care to work with for the adoption of our children. They were supportive and informative for us but more importantly they worked with the birth parents to assist them in the very difficult decision process of allowing us to adopt. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without their assistance.”


“As new adoptive parents, we cannot say enough positive things about Gentle Care! Megan was so amazing and helped us smoothly navigate the entire process. Kelly was wonderful as well and was present at our placement! We will be using Gentle Care again in the future. I’ll forever be indebted to them for helping us complete our family!”

Jenny R.



“We love AGC. You all have been so supportive, helpful and easy to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate to use you again in the future.”



Kelly F.

“AGC has been incredibly professional and supportive throughout the entire process. We have always felt confidence in the staff, that they are effective, experienced, and very compassionate and ethical adoption professionals. Even during the difficult parts of our adoption process, we always felt that supported by the AGC staff. Thank you!”




“Unbelievable. We have a baby!! The advice and guidance has opened us up to what adoption really is and we couldn’t be happier. We recommended the agency to friends and will continue in the future.”




“We are very blessed to have worked with Kelly. She was patient and attentive to us from the time we got the call, to making the decision, and through the entire NICU stay. We felt supported throughout the entire process, even though I felt like I was bugging her, she never once made us feel that way rather reminded us our concerns and questions were normal feelings. We saw throughout the entire process our knowledgeable and experienced Kelly is and are grateful to have worked with her, as well as everyone else at Adoption by Gentle Care.”


“We cannot say enough positive things about Adoption By Gentle Care. We started our adoption journey almost 3 years ago, and the support we had from the very beginning was amazing. We always felt well informed of what to expect and at ease since we could call the agency with any questions or concerns. We were also happy to have the support of other families we met through the agency who were waiting to adopt. Thanks to Adoption By Gentle Care, who educated us on the benefits of an open adoption, we now have two beautiful daughters who happen to be biological sisters. We keep in touch with their birth parents and always look forward to seeing them. We will always be grateful to AGC for helping make both of our daughters’ adoption stories peaceful and memorable!”


“AGC is/was exactly what we needed at a stressful time in our lives. Our previous agency unexpectedly closed and we were right at the point of being homestudy approved. AGC was quick to work with us to get us activated and we never would have imagined bringing a baby boy home in 12 weeks post activation! We did not know what we were missing in an agency until after working with AGC. If we had known what we know now, we would have started here in the first place. We hope to be fortunate enough to adopt again in the future and we would definitely work with AGC again!”




“I don’t know that I have words that could express the experience. The entire process, communication placement everything was beyond everything we ever dreamed.”




“Love this agency. Everyone is great to work with. They are always there for the adoptive family and give wonderful support to the birth family as well. I would recommend them to anyone seeking the adoption journey.”


“We are so grateful to AGC for all the hard work and guidance throughout this process. I firmly believe we would not be parents today had we not switched to your agency from our previous agency. We felt supported through our entire journey by people from AGC who truly cared about us. We hope to be a return family in the future. I have already started promoting the agency to other families I know.”

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