Darren & Irina

We hope that in learning about us we can give you a sense of comfort and confidence that your child will be well loved and taken care of. Also, we want to assure you that your involvement in your child’s life is something we feel is beneficial. We have several friends and co-workers who have adopted children, so we have a strong support system through them, and our families.

Irina & Darren

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MSW, LSW-Certified Adoption Assessor

Are you interested in one of our Waiting Adoptive Families? Do you have questions about the adoption process or how Adoption by Gentle Care can help you? You can call or text Kelly at 614.469.0007. Or if you would like to submit your information by clicking on the button below she will get back to you as quickly as possible.

*Your contact with Kelly is 100% confidential and in no way obligates you to move forward with adoption!