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Welcome to Adoption by Gentle Care

Adoption by Gentle Care was founded on the belief that a child is a special gift who deserves the best opportunities in life. We believe it is truly a selfless act of love to consider adoption when parenting is not an option.

We attempt to cover every aspect of an adoption so that the adoptive process meets the needs of everyone involved, especially those of the child. We provide professional services to ensure a successful adoption.


To All Who Care About Adoptions

At Adoption by Gentle Care, we care deeply about all whom we touch - birth mothers, adoptive parents, and especially the children we place in loving families. Guided by this spirit of caring, we have successfully placed 2,027 children since 1985 when we began operating.

That's what makes it very distressing when even a single member of this extended family is unhappy with us. In researching our agency on the internet, you may come into contact with blogposts and other communications revolving around a birth mother who worked with our agency. She placed a newborn with us for adoption last spring, but even after the exhaustive written and oral warnings and waiting periods the law requires, she apparently changed her mind. She sought to reverse herself after fully completing the legal, "Permanent Surrender" of custody that is the basis for all adoption, and immediately made allegations that AGC had defrauded and unduly influenced her.

You can understand why a Permanent Surrender must be held sacrosanct. If it isn't, then adoptive families could never be sure its adoptive son or daughter was there to stay, and could never be free of the risk of traumatic disruption.

AGC, believing it acted appropriately and complied with all laws and regulations, declined to dissolve the Permanent Surrender. Unhappy with that declaration from us, the birth mother began a campaign of internet posts and, eventually, court action to undo the legal compact that she had willingly made. There were and continue to be vicious, often false, attacks on AGC.

But the outcome is this: This case received intense review. It was investigated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and other professional offices. The office of the Ohio Attorney General was notified, and no action was pursued against the agency. The birth mother then filed a lawsuit in court, claiming fraud and undue influence. Eight witnesses took the stand and testified at the trial in July and August of 2014. Following trial, the Court ruled that Adoption by Gentle Care had acted properly and rejected the birth mother's claim. Moreover, the father of the child, under oath at trial, fully supported the placement for adoption.

Adoption by Gentle Care adheres to the highest standards, and will follow through on the law and on our commitments, as we do for every client